Matrimonial And Family Law

Cardi & Edgar is devoted to the goal of helping men and women manage separation and divorce effectively and with dignity. We encourage and foster the settlement of divorce cases where it best suits our client’s interests. In fact, Ms. Cardi is a certified divorce mediator for those clients who prefer to mediate their separation and divorce. Not everyone wishes nor should opt for the mediation of his or her separation and/or divorce. For those who need or prefer the court system, the Firm is qualified and prepared to conduct aggressive litigation on behalf of clients at both the trial and appellate levels.

Ms. Cardi’s 30 years of parallel experience as both a matrimonial and family lawyer, and as a state and federal criminal defense attorney, means clients benefit from her unique combination of negotiation and litigation experience, and are assured an informed, strategic and holistic approach to their case. She has successfully negotiated and litigated divorce settlements and other matrimonial cases against major law firms and her clientele includes professionals in all fields.

The Firm marshals substantial experience in providing counsel in the many aspects of matrimonial and family law including, but not limited to:

• Prenuptials and postnuptials
• Divorce
• Separation
• Child custody/parenting time
• Property and asset distribution
• All other related matters in Family and Supreme Courts
• Divorce mediation

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Matrimonial And Family Law